Happy Fat Tuesday!

mardi-gras130115Happy Fat Tuesday! Hopefully you enjoyed your snow day and celebrated Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras, French for “Fat Tuesday”, originated in Europe in the 17th century and was brought to America at the turn of the eighteenth century by the French. The holiday is the last day of indulgence in fatty foods before fasting begins on Ash Wednesday for Lent. In the United States, Mardi Gras is mainly celebrated in New Orleans because of the French settlement. The celebration lasts about two weeks. It includes several parades, ornate floats, street performers, masks, costumes, and beads. The Native Americans inspired ornate decorations and headdresses. Jazz music is heard throughout the streets, accompanying the carnival. While it seems that Mardi Gras is one big party, there are still old rituals performed today and it remains a strong part of New Orleans tradition.

New Orleans is best known for Mardi Gras celebrations, but it is easy to participate wherever you are! Snapchat featured a “My Story” this week of Carnival and Mardi Gras so people around the world could share in the experience. To join in on the party, Chestertown held its own “Chester Gras” festival this past Saturday. The event included a parade, food, face painting, activities, and a food drive. The dining hall will also be hosting a Mardi Gras themed dinner next Tuesday.

Although Mardi Gras is officially over, we can still look forward to continuing the Carnival spirit at Birthday Ball! This Saturday’s ball is going to be over the top and so much fun. Later this week, we will feature a sneak peak of what to expect, but get excited for elaborate decorations and delicious food. We are lucky to have events that keep the celebration going, so have fun this week!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Photographer

Photo Source http://www.ascensionclerk.com/News/ArticleID/15

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