Toward A Healthier Body Image: WAC Shows Its Support

Dr. Laura Sproch gives her presentation to a packed house          By Hailey Craig
Dr. Laura Sproch gives her presentation to a packed house
By Hailey Craig

On this cold and snowy evening, Laura Sproch Ph.D. visited Washington College’s campus to give a presentation about eating disorders. She is an outpatient therapist and researcher at the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore, Maryland. As the snow began to fall many Washington College students traveled to Decker Theater to show their support. All forms of Greek Life attended this talk to become more informed about Eating disorders and how they affect many people. Peer Mentors and Resident Assistants showed their support, and were informed of new ways to identify and help people suffering from this life threating disease. Many different varsity sports teams also came to the talk to learn and show support. Eating Disorders can affect athletes and can cause them to exercise excessively and keep from maintaining a healthy diet.

The importance of learning about and addressing the seriousness of eating disorders is very important to the Washington College community. At such a small school it is important to understand how to address uncomfortable issues and be able to come to your friends for help. Laura Sproch informed us that eating disorders are much more than “just a phase” or someone “wants to be anorexic”. Eating disorders are a very devastating and a life threating illness. They also have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness. A main factor involved with eating disorders is the unrealistic body images seen in the media. The increasingly skewed images of men and women’s bodies due to Photoshop can have a very negative effect on people. Dr. Sproch encourages everyone to focus less on weight and more on health. It is important to not worry about body image and love the body you have. To conclude her presentation Laura Sproch left the audience with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, “Life has got to be lived, that’s all there is too it.”

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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