A Look Back at Last Weekend’s Cardboard Boat Regatta

Captain Taylor Frey with Ship Happens II
Captain Taylor Frey with Ship Happens II

The Cardboard Boat Regatta at the Waterfront Festival has been a tradition for WAC for eight years now and it keeps getting better. Fun to watch and to participate in, this cardboard boat race never fails to interest students, faculty, and even the locals! Being a freshman, I did not know much about this event, and hearing all the hype, I was excited to check it out. It was an interesting sight to see with the numerous uniquely designed boats and creative structures. Personally, I liked the “Lettuce, Turnip the Beat,” but they were all good. It was intriguing to see whose boat would sink first, crumble at first touch and especially who would win. Still interested after the race, I got to talk to one of the boat’s captains, Taylor Frey. Second year as captain, he manned “Ship Happens II: Row v Wave,” whose team won the Most Spirted Award and came in fourth, “Being second year as captain, I wish we did as well as last year—we came in second—but with a redesigning of the boat it’ll be better next year.” He also told me what it was like to be captain, “It is different for every crew, but I got to be in charge of the boat construction, design, and organization. It is nothing special really, the boat is a group effort, especially in rowing.” I’m really excited to see what he and everyone else has in store for next year!

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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