Spring Sorority Recruitment 2019: Some Things To Know

Samantha Clark Staff Blogger Recruitment. It’s a part of almost every college experience, whether you’re involved or just a bystander. You’ve probably recently seen all girls posting instagram stories or photos with their friends, encouraging you to sign up *cough, cough* THURSDAY IS THE LAST DAY. Whether you’ve never considered joining a sorority or just […]

Astrology and Lunar Recap

Samantha Clark Staff Blogger As we settle into November, astrology fans are also settling—or bustling with unease—into Scorpio season, which ranges from October 23nd to November 21st. While Scorpios and things associated with them get a bad rep (a scorpion, come on), not everything involving them is as anxiety inducing as the rest of us non-Scorpios think. Scorpios are the […]