Ideas for Warm Days at Washington College

Shannon Moran
Blog and Social Media Editor

Spring is finally here! After all of the false starts and windy days, it seems that the warm weather is here to stay, thankfully. If you’re feeling trapped inside on these sunny days, here are a few ideas to enjoy the Spring weather here at Washington College.

Lay Out on the Green

One of my absolute favorite parts of the warm weather season is walking by the campus green and seeing it dotted with blankets and relaxing students. You can work on some homework (just enough wifi reaches out there), read a book, try painting, or just lay out in the sunshine. You’ll always see someone you know out there, as it’s the first place people flock when temperatures reach above sixty, so make sure to grab a group of friends and have some fun!


The campus green on a sunny day.

Go to the Water

The Chester River is Chestertown’s biggest gem, and sometimes it feels easy to take it for granted when you’re bogged down in assignments and bad weather. Spring is the perfect time to head down to Wilmer Park and sit out by the river. It’s such a beautiful spot, with boats slicing through the water, plants all around, and usually at least three dogs being walked at once. You can choose to sit on one of the many benches, under the cute little gazebo, or just lay right on the grass. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy it even more.

IMG_2101 (1)

The Chester River by Wilmer Park

Take a Walk

Chestertown is one of the cutest small towns in Maryland, so why not get out and explore it? There are tons of little shops, restaurants, and beautiful buildings to gaze at as you enjoy the weather. Try throwing coins into the fountain at Fountain Park or looking at all of the beautiful houses on Canon street. Stop into Twigs and Teacups, the Blackbird Boutique, Figg’s Ordinary, or Finishing Touch for some great small business shopping. Chestertown is your oyster!

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Chestertown in golden hour light.

Take a Trip

There are so many places around WAC to venture to on beautiful days. With the windows down, a trip to Rock Hall or Betterton Beach can put you in an insanely good mood. In Rock Hall, maybe stop for lunch at Harbor Shack. With an eclectic feel and outdoor seating, their nachos and mojitos (for guests over 21 years of age) are even more delicious. The view of the water is insane at Harbor Shack, and makes you feel instantly like summer. If you’re not looking for food, drive over to Betterton Beach to wade in the water, skip stones, or lay out in the sand. Can’t wait a few more weeks to throw on your bathing suit? Betterton Beach is perfect for your next sunny day spot.


The view at Harbor Shack.

I hope these ideas help to get you in the Spring time mood! Enjoy the sun and remember: ALWAYS wear SPF.


Photographs by Shannon Moran

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