Why You Should Apply for An On Campus Job

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Shannon Moran
Blog and Social Media Editor, The Elm

As the current academic year comes to a close, a multitude of on campus jobs are beginning the hiring process for next year’s staff. Here are four reasons why you should apply for an on campus job!

It’s Good Practice

When you apply to an on campus job, you start practicing all of the steps involved in applying for real world jobs and internships. To apply to a JobX position, you will need a resume and cover letter, and will often have to fill out a separate application as well. My first experience making a resume came from applying to a few on campus jobs, and that resume is the one that I have been tweaking and sending out to post-grad employers now. Filling out applications is always good practice for real world employment, and every time you work with these materials, you will become more confident in doing so. Not to mention, if you secure an interview for an on campus job, you’ll be getting an amazing experience practicing your interview etiquette for later opportunities, as well as getting some of the nerves out associated with interviewing. Ultimately, applying for an on campus job can provide you with an amazing skill set to take into your real world job search.

Build Up Your Resume

There are tons of on campus employment opportunities, and all of them can become valuable parts of your resume. Even if you don’t necessarily see a correlation between the job your applying for and your desired career track, any on campus job can showcase a wide variety of skills and experiences. Working for admissions can give you great communication and collaborative skills, working in food services can help you become more outgoing, organized, and meticulous, and working with student publications can improve your writing skills, your critical thinking, and your ability to work with a team. Any on campus job can give you an important set of skills that will look amazing on your resume.

Find A New Community

Depending on the job you’re applying for, you may find yourself part of a brand new group of peers who care about the same things you do. A lot of on campus jobs require working with others, especially other students, which can spur new friendships and help you access other communities on campus. Maybe you love creative writing, but are a Bio major feeling consumed by science. You could apply to The Collegian, the student literary art journal, and find a group of students you might not normally speak to, and also get more involved in the literary community here at WAC. There are a ton of opportunities to expand your friend and interest groups just by applying for on campus jobs.

Make Some Money

This is pretty self-explanatory, but getting a biweekly paycheck for doing work that you love and are interested in is pretty amazing. Washington College also pays the minimum wage of $10 an hour, meaning that you get fair and reliable payment for the work that you do. Money is ALWAYS good, but for us struggling college students, pay day is like a holiday.

Applying to on campus jobs is as easy as pressing a few buttons on JobX and searching for something that you will love. The JobX link can be found here: https://washcoll.studentemployment.ngwebsolutions.com/ and, as a shameless promotion for our lovely student newspaper, The Elm, we are currently accepting applications for next year’s editor positions. You can apply on JobX under On-Campus Non-FWS Jobs. Happy job hunting!


Photograph taken from the JobX Site

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