Student Spotlight: The Transient That Lives In Toll!

ELM April Fools Toll Picture.jpeg

Bjorn Dajoak
Staff Blogger

A 300-year-old specter who roams the halls of Toll Science Center, The Transient of Toll is our latest student spotlight! He is known throughout campus for his infectious, echoing, limitless laugh, and his constant encouragement of students as they study into the wee hours of the night. “One time I fell asleep on one of the Toll couches while making an Organic Chemistry study guide,” said junior McKayleigh Tractor, “and when I woke up, The Transient That Lives In Toll had left a sketch of three loose teeth with the words “BODIES ARE CONTAINERS FOR DISEASE” scrawled across the top in a type of yellow liquid. So uplifting!” While most students see The Transient That Lives In Toll as a positive and beloved figure on the Washington College campus, others do not have such a fond outlook on him. “He won’t stop eating all of the rats that we use for research. He is ruining academic exploration and quite a few Senior Capstone Experiences. Besides, there’s no way that’s healthy for him considering the amount of chemicals we inject into the rats,” said Professor of Interpretive Biology, Dr. William Westchester. Regardless of personal feelings or not, there’s no denying that The Transient of Toll is an integral part of the Washington College experience. Whether you hear him screaming into the dark halls of the Physics department, see his blurred and almost glowing body in the corner of your eye as he dashes out from behind the first-floor vending machines, or receive a personalized note from him, usually featuring deeply disturbing illustrations of morphed animals and doomsday-esque announcements, everyone has had a run in with this gentle spirit. The Transient That Lives In Toll will continue to inspire, encourage, and terrify for the rest of time!


Photogarph by April F. Ooles

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