Dorm Approved Recipe: Baked Potato

Good Noods Cafe

Mackenzie Bosack
Staff Blogger

One of my favorite things to make alongside a meal, or even by itself as a source of good carbs, is a baked potato. When I make them with dinner on a weeknight, I usually bake them in the oven, so the skin gets crispy. This takes about an hour at 400 degrees. However, we’re going to modify the recipe so that you can make it in your microwave in your dorm! Potatoes are super cheap and have a long shelf life so I cannot recommend this recipe enough! I make it at least once a week.


• 1 baking potato

• Enough olive oil to cover

• Garlic salt

• Black pepper

• Old bay (optional)

• Optional toppings (cheese, sour cream, butter, etc.)


1. Take the potato and poke a few holes in the sides for ventilation

2. Cover the entire potato in olive oil

3. Sprinkle with garlic salt all over

4. Sprinkle with black pepper

5. Add old bay for a little spice

6. Place on a microwaveable plate

7. Microwave for 7-9 minutes on HIGH

8. Cut in half, add toppings

9. Enjoy!


Photograph by Shannon Moran

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