Birthday Ball 2019 Is Almost Here!


Shannon Moran
Blog and Social Media Editor, The Elm

It’s that lovely time of the year again- just when the cold weather is starting to make you feel like spring will never come and exams, papers, and projects begin to pile up, Washington College provides a little relief for us through Birthday Ball. It’s like college prom, but way more fun and with significantly less moms taking pictures. Here are some details you need to know about Washington College’s biggest event:

Where and When?

This year’s Birthday Ball will be held on Saturday, February 23rd from 8PM to 12AM in the Johnson Fitness Center. This year’s dance is Under the Stars themed. Washington College students, staff, and faculty will need their WAC ID’s to gain entry to the dance. Visitors will need a guest ticket, which can be purchased from this link: After the dance, Hodson Hall will be hosting their annual post-Birthday Ball feast from 11:30PM to 1AM. Make sure to stop by and end your night on the right note- tater tots and cookies.

What’s There To Do?

Not only is Birthday Ball a dance, it’s also a giant party. There will be a DJ so you can dance the night away with your friends, a catered dinner with the best food that Washington College offers (seriously, the crab dip is divine), a separate bar area for guests over 21 (all drinks are $5 and ID is checked at the entrance), and amazing decorations for the perfect Instagram moment. There will be countless students, alumnae, teachers, board members, etc. in attendance, making Birthday Ball a unique social event, and lots and lots of fun.

What To Wear?

Birthday Ball is a black tie event, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get decked out in your fanciest clothes. Attire ranges from short dresses, formal gowns, tuxedos, suits, and more creative or casual spins on these staples. If you’ve been dreaming of breaking out your prom dress from high school that you paid way too much money for and never wore again- DO IT! If you want to look like Colton just gave you a rose on the Bachelor- DO IT! If you want to dress up like a giant star to fit the theme- DO IT! It’s all up to you.


Birthday Ball is an amazing tradition here at WAC. Our Student Events Board spends so much time and effort to make it an amazing night for all of the Washington College community to enjoy. This year, the SEB Executive Board says, “It will be very exciting to see the JFC transform into a Night Under the Stars after months of preparation. It’s nice to see our community come together and make memories that will hopefully last a lifetime.” With all of the stress of classes, work, and never ending cold, let’s all enjoy a night of fun and family. Come out to Birthday Ball this Saturday!


Photograph by the Washington College Student Events Board

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