SEB Plans Spring Semester Full of Fun

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Zairel Luna
Staff Blogger

Welcome back, WAC! As usual, SEB has a bunch of fun events prepared for students for this upcoming semester. Spring is all about new beginnings and warm weather. Here are some highlight events that you shouldn’t miss!


4- Ashlee Haze @ 7 PM in the Egg: Ashlee Haze is a spoken word poet who is a 3- time prize-winner of the South poetry Slam Champion, 2-time Women of the World Poetry Slam Finalist and 2- time National Poetry Slam semi-finalist. She recently appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk series alongside Blood Orange.

27- The 55th Annual Birthday Ball @ 8 PM in the JFC: Birthday Ball is an event that has been occurring for over 50 years! Alumni, faculty, students, and staff all attend an event in honor of one of our founding fathers, George Washington!


7- Destress Fest @ 7 PM in the Goosenest: Midterms can really put a damper on your semester, especially during the time when the weather is finally starting to get nicer! Not to worry, SEB has planned an event designated specifically toward this time of year! Destress Fest will be an event filled with activities aimed at taking your mind off of the awful thing we know as, midterms.


6- Bus Trip to D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival (All Day): Yes, this is a FREE bus trip to D.C.! Luckily, this day falls on the Petalpalooza, a signature event through the official cherry blossom festival. This event will happen from noon-9: 30 PM at The Wharf. There will be live music, games, fireworks, free product giveaways, and more. There are also lots of great restaurants along The Wharf where you can pop inside and grab a bite to eat.


3- Shorefest with Chase and the Barons @ 11 AM on the Campus Green: This is another event that happens yearly in celebration of another school year completed! This year Chase and the Barons will be performing! The 4-piece has recently finished crafting their debut full-length album titled “Live Wire Bed Fire.” Capturing elements of pop-rock, punk, and even R&B, this well-rounded, 13-track rock album is scheduled for a release in early 2019. Be sure to stop by and enjoy some live music, food, and games!

We hope to see you at all of our amazing events this spring!


Photograph by SEB

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