SCE Bootcamp

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Mackenzie Bosack
Staff Blogger

Each semester the Writing Center opens its doors to seniors who are working to complete their Senior Capstone Experiences, a requirement for graduation here at Washington College. Depending on your major, the requirements may be different, but they often include some component of writing. Unless your advisor decides not to read your paper, you can likely benefit from a writing center event such as the SCE Bootcamp coming up this week. Moving into second semester of senior year, we are all trying to balance classes, extracurriculars, work, looking for jobs, on campus jobs, and SCE…all while trying to enjoy our last few months in the place we’ve called home these last four years. If you’re like me, the SCE deadline being so many months away means that it hasn’t been on my immediate to-do list. However, the Writing Center is providing us with an opportunity to set aside all of those other tasks and take some time to focus on one thing in an uninterrupted space. The best part is, they also have highly qualified writing center staff members on hold that are willing and able to answer any questions as you work through this writing process! Scratch that, the best part is food is provided. The stressors of senior year can put a halt to SCE writing but registering for SCE bootcamp can jumpstart your writing process.

The first SCE bootcamp will be held this Thursday, January 31 in the Writing Center (Goldstein). The event will start at 5pm and run until 9pm but you’re welcome to drop by when your schedule allows. If this week is already looking busy for you, the writing center team already has two other dates scheduled for bootcamps: February 16 and March 27. You can visit the writing center website to check it out!


Photograph by Shannon Moran

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