Spring Sorority Recruitment 2019: Some Things To Know


Samantha Clark
Staff Blogger

Recruitment. It’s a part of almost every college experience, whether you’re involved or just a bystander. You’ve probably recently seen all girls posting instagram stories or photos with their friends, encouraging you to sign up *cough, cough* THURSDAY IS THE LAST DAY. Whether you’ve never considered joining a sorority or just want some information before going into the actual process, here are some facts about recruitment to help you understand what it’s all about, and why it exists.

Spring Recruitment 2019

This year, Recruitment will run from Thursday, January 31st to Sunday, February 3rd (BID DAY!). You can sign up through the link given by Washington College’s Panhellenic Council. The link is https://enroll.icsrecruiter.com/pan/WASHCO#/enroll/enrollment-disclaimer. The Recruitment process includes three days of discussion with each sorority, through the lens of Sisterhood Night, Philanthropy Night, and Preference Night. You will be aided by Rho Gams, or women from each sorority who have chosen to join Panhellenic Council during Recruitment to help you find your home. There is absolutely no need to stress! Recruitment is meant to be a fun and informative experience, and there will be tons of resources and help to make you feel comfortable as you navigate the waters of sorority life here at Washington College.


The entire point of joining a sorority is to surround yourself with individuals who will help and support you, no matter what you’re doing, and to be able to help people in that same way. While a lot of people think of it as ‘paying for your friends,’ it’s so much more. Yes, there are payments and fees, but that all goes into the events and experiences you get to take part in as a member. That money has no bearing on the friendships you make or the service you’ll do for others, the bonds you’ll create with people you never expected or the sense of community you feel once you join. There isn’t a downside to being a member of a sorority other than the false ideas that others create about the so-called ‘sorority girl.’

Here at Washington College, our Panhellenic community is made up of three wonderful sororities: Alpha Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Alpha Omicron Pi. In going through recruitment, which is the process of getting to know each sorority and their philanthropy, you’ll get to hear exactly why each girl loves the organization they belong to and the many reasons that you could love that organization, too. Think of recruitment as one large speed dating experience, except that in getting to know one other person, you’re hearing details about the sorority’s philanthropy and sisterhood, and all the fun, love and support that surrounds them.

Of course someone who is in a sorority is going to say this, but it’s my personal opinion that every girl should at least go out for recruitment, even if you’ve never imagined yourself joining one. There’s no downside to learning about what the sororities on campus do so that even if you decide it’s not for you, you still know why certain events are happening on campus and what your support is going towards. At the very least, you could walk away from recruitment getting to know other girls in your groups, or making friends within the sororities after it’s all over, because *surprise* being in a sorority doesn’t mean that’s your only friend group!

It’s totally fine if you realize that it really isn’t your thing, but you’ll never fully know until you get out there and give it a shot. There is no limit to the bonds you could make, the opportunities you could receive, or the experiences that could help shape you into the best version of yourself.

Why each sorority thinks you should rush:

Becca Schafle from Alpha Chi Omega says you should Go Greek “to build connections with empowering women and to be involved in an organization that gives back to the community. Greek life has given me lifelong friends, a constant support system, and the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

Zeta Tau Alpha’s Isabella Antonio says “Girls should take a chance and go out for recruitment because you can only gain from this experience! Being a part of a sorority allows someone to meet so many people that they most likely would have never gotten to know. There’s a sense of belonging and respect that you get to build with your sorority that lasts way longer than the four years you spend at college. Through my sorority, I have gained a support system not only with my sisters but also even with Zeta alumnae that graduated years ago! I honestly can’t imagine being at WAC and not being a part of my sorority.”

And finally, Amanda Bland in Alpha Omicron Pi says, “Sometimes you don’t know what you want or know what is missing until it’s there. I knew I wanted something more in my college experience, a community that would build me up, where I could become a leader. AOII hasn’t just given me friends, but a family even after graduation. I have women in my life who I want standing by me on my wedding day, people to continue pushing and inspiring me to be the best version of myself through life.”

Some quick tips to take into recruitment:

  1. Keep an open mind! This goes for every sorority and sorority life in general. Even if you think you have an idea of each sorority, you’d be surprised at how much could change in a matter of days. And the worst thing you can do is not give it a shot and not come out for recruitment.
  2. Come with real questions that you want answered! Curious about their events, how they bond, sister’s favorite things to do with each other, favorite memories, balancing life with school with sorority? ANYTHING, there is no right or wrong question!
  3. Be yourself. You may be nervous; sorority members are nervous too. We just want to get to know you, and for you to get to know us, so be yourself!
  4. Listen to yourself. There are plenty of girls who feel trapped between great choices. But that’s what they all are: great choices! Just listen to yourself and follow your gut. Each sorority is lucky to have you and you’re sure to find your place, wherever you end up.
  5. At the end of the day, the sorority that you join is a part of something greater: The Panhellenic Community. No matter if you’re an Alpha Chi, a Zeta, or an AOII, we’re all sisters who support each other and each philanthropy, working to empower one another and create a safe and welcoming place for all of us.


Photograph from Pinterest

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