Student Spotlight: Mackenzie Bosack

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Shannon Moran
Blog and Social Media Editor, The Elm

Mackenzie Bosack is a shining example of how a liberal arts education truly allows you to do it all! A senior Biology major with Public Health and Dance double minors, Mackenzie fills her plate with activities from every walk of life. Working in the Admissions office as a tour guide and a desk aide, Mackenzie is also an officer for the George’s Generals program, something which means she has “a little bit more responsibility with organizing prospective student visits and more involvement in campus events such as overnights and open houses,” Mackenzie says. Aside from her work, Mackenzie is also involved in both the dance club and the dance honor society, Delta Eta Pi. She takes classes and teaches an acrobatics class through the dance club. When she’s not taking detailed, color-coded Biology notes, hiring new George’s Generals, or learning new choreography, Mackenzie spends her time raising money for the Arthritis Foundation with her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. Mackenzie was the chapter president of AOII here at Washington College from 2017-2018.

When asked what one of her favorite things about WAC is, Mackenzie replies that “it gives me the ability to be involved in so many different things that I’m interested in. I’m able to purse all of my passions regardless of if it seems like they fit together or not.” She feels that WAC has given her the skill sets she needs to succeed at everything she puts her mind to, and that the individual attention she has received here enables her “to flourish in my classes and be successful in my internships and jobs, especially because of my professors and places like the Career Center.” She hopes to leave her impact on Washington College in subtle ways. “I try to leave my imprint in small ways so that it can snowball and have bigger effects,” says Mackenzie, “I lead by example in my organizations each day.”

After graduation, Mackenzie is going to take a gap year in order to apply to medical school. She is working on going through the committee right now which will prepare her for the application cycle. “I want to possibly work as a medical scribe during my gap year,” Mackenzie says, “My hope is to one day become a pediatrician.”

Mackenzie’s experiences here at Washington College have helped open her mind to new possibilities and opportunities. Her multifaceted interests are not only allowed by the college, but are encouraged by it. Whether dancing, leading, or studying, Mackenzie Bosack knows that she can do anything she puts her mind to.


Photograph by Tori Zieminski


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