Student Spotlight: Lucas Pelton!

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Erin Jesionowski
Staff Blogger

Lucas Pelton is a great example of the liberal arts culture here at Washington College. A member of the class of 2022, Lucas said he chose Washington College because “Everything just worked this way. It felt like the right decision for me and my family. Plus, the professors here are so dedicated. It made me feel welcome.” Prior to entering Washington College, Lucas studied at Baltimore School for the Arts, where he played soprano, alto, and baritone saxophone. While he was there, he also picked up a bit of flute and clarinet. Lucas is now trying to teach himself to play the banjo, with “varying levels of success,” as he puts it. He is currently a part of the music department at Washington College where he continues to play the saxophone. Academically, Lucas is intending on majoring in Physics with an eye toward engineering. He would like to be a mechanical engineer, but is open to other fields as well. Right now, Lucas is taking differential calculus and physics in order to progress toward his major. He also chose a physics related first year seminar nuclear technology. Even though it was hard to choose his favorite classes, Lucas had to say differential calculus with Professor Stacy and introductory physics with Professor Thuecks.


Photograph from Lucas Pelton

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