Student Spotlight: Holly Williams!


Sylvie Randall
Staff Blogger

Our student spotlight this week is a first-year student here on campus, Holly Williams. Holly is involved in many clubs on campus. She is an opinion writer for The Elm, a blogger for Admissions, and she also started her very own club, Mock Trial, for which she is the President. She started Mock Trial after discovering that Washington College had very little extracurriculars relating to her intended major, Pre-Law. In order to combat this, and continue her passion from high school, Holly decided to start her own Mock Trial club here on campus. Holly said that starting Mock Trial has been a very rewarding experience and has helped her not only continue learning about Law, but also helps her with advocacy and presidential skills.

As for the future, Holly plans to graduate in three years. In her “gap” year, she would like to organize and work at a not-for-profit to help women in prisons get legal aid. After this, she would like to further her education in Law School to become a Supreme Court clerk and eventually kick off her professional career. Holly is a determined and hardworking individual, whom I admire greatly. Everyone can take a little snippet of inspiration from this wonderful woman.


Photograph by Zairel Luna

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