Student Spotlight: Pauline Bewermeier!

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Zairel Luna
Staff Blogger

Pauline G. Bewermeier, a junior at Washington College, is this week’s Student Spotlight. Pauline is a foreign exchange student from the Obama Institute Exchange Program in Germany. As part of her exchange program through WAC, she was given the opportunity to be a teachers assistant for elementary and intermediate German students. Although she had limited options to where she could ultimately attend, she chose Washington College because of its beautiful location on the Eastern Shore. Pauline says that she had visited the Eastern Shore before and had pictured herself right at home here at WAC. Pauline’s favorite part about WAC is the education and how personal it is as opposed to that of her former institution, where she was attending alongside 40,000 other students. She loves that WAC gives her the ability to develop relationships with her students. German students who have had the opportunity to work alongside Pauline have raved about her patience, drive, and motivation. When asked about her major goals in terms of her career she said that she wants nothing more than the opportunity to help others. Pauline plans to major in American Studies as well as Cultural Anthropology and hopes to one day work alongside other students in efforts to expand cultural exchange programs abroad.

Photograph by Pauline Bewermeier

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