Getting Over The Midterm Slump

Samantha Clark
Staff Blogger
As we move into our second half of fall semester, now is the time that students are starting to feel their motivation for classes burn out. Between having just taken midterms and remembering what it felt like to be home with no classes to interrupt your napping schedule, being back in class already feels like a million pounds on your shoulders, but here is your friendly reminder that it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are a few things you can do to help get yourself out of the midterm slump.
Take Some Personal Time
Choose a day, particularly one without much mandatory events and activities, where you can just take it easy on yourself. Maybe you’ll finish classes for the day and give yourself the night off to cuddle up in bed and watch your favorite Netflix series. Perhaps you give yourself an hour or two to take a stroll down to the water. Whatever it is that will help you unwind and re-charge your body, do it. Allowing your body to remember what it feels like to take a break in the midst of your work load, team activities, classes, and weekly demands is so important. Remind yourself that it is possible to feel fully relaxed and energized during your busy life!
Put Life on Hold
If you’re feeling overwhelmed with projects and assignments, take a look at your calendar and put off anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to do in this moment that is adding to your stress. It’s easy for us to plan fun ideas and extra activities to do when we’re fully motivated and on top of our stuff. Whether it’s a personal project or coffee dates with friends, if it’s not mandatory for you to do right this moment and it’s stressing you out, then take them off the list.
Make a Plan
Take a look at the next two weeks’ worth of assignments, tests, homework’s, events, etc. and mark them down if they aren’t already. Maybe put them on a separate piece of paper to focus and hone in on them. This will help you to be prepared for what’s coming up and where you need to be designating your time. You can even make a study plan, allocating specific times of the day to getting certain works done to ensure that it will be done in time and not leave you pulling out your hair.
After planning the next two weeks and seeing what they will entail and ask of you, make yourself a list of things you need to get done in that order. This can be as specific or non-specific as you like. I find that when needing to work on multiple assignments, the more specific I can be with my to-do lists, the better. If making multiple of these lists helps you, do that too! A list of your general assignments in order of priority or deadline, and then lists of what needs to be done for each of those projects. Sometimes seeing all of your steps written out in front of you can help lower the anxiety of getting those projects finished. Whatever can help you feel more organized and on top of your work is what matters.
Find Your Inspiration
It can help your progress to remember why you’re doing something. Whether you’re in Intro to Journalism and want to be the next Anderson Cooper, or a business major who knows everything about Bill Gates, find something or someone who will remind you what great and wonderful things can come out of your education. It may not even be anything that is associated with your future career goals, maybe you look to a family member or a friend who embodies the attributes that you admire. Use them as your motivation to ground yourself and become re-interested in your work. You could even make a collage or vision board of things that push you to keep you going – for all the Pinterest lovers, make a board of photos or pins that keep you excited!
Do What Makes You Happy
My final suggestion for how to get out of a slump is to remember what makes you happy and do those things. Getting cute pictures of your pets from home, watching your favorite movie, putting extra time into your skincare routine, or hanging out with your best friend. No matter how big or small of an act it is, if it makes you happy, do it. Remember to incorporate those things in your daily activities to make the work you’re doing a little less painful.
At the very least I hope that one or two of these things, if not a combination of them all, help you during a time of stress or dullness. Keep in mind that hard times can’t last forever, and you can get through anything you put your mind to.
Photograph by Shannon Moran

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