Student Spotlight: Sarah Collins!

“The Leaf” is bringing back one of our favorite weekly segments: Student Spotlight! This is a post dedicated to a student or faculty member that goes above and beyond. Inspired by last year’s Animal Impact President, Danielle Evans, Sarah Collins has taken initiative to further her involvement in the Humane Society of Kent County Maryland. Sarah has been volunteering at the Humane Society since she was 7 years old, when she first moved to Kent County. She began an internship last year as a high school senior which led to becoming the Human Society’s Animal Care Technician and the Shelter’s Marketing Assistant. She is a first year at Washington College, majoring in Biology with the intention to attend Veterinary school. We chose Sarah as our first Spotlight of the week because she has taken initiative to get the word out about getting animals adopted. Her first pet was a small kitten named Gus Sylvie Luna who got adopted 3 days after he had been staying in her dorm by a faculty member. She is currently fostering a 1 and a half-year-old cat named Storm who will be adopted on Sunday by a parent of a student on campus. As you can see, change can happen anywhere even from the basement of a 66-year-old building.


Zairel Luna

Staff Blogger


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