Welcome to The Leaf!

After months of warmth, leisure, and sweet freedom, we are once again sitting in the lap of another school year. The week before the fall semester starts is a strange time on Washington College’s campus- the freshmen are moved in and slowly discovering the spaces tucked away that make this place home, the few upperclassmen that are moved in are enjoying the quieted pace for numbered days, and everyone feels the frenetic underlying excitement for the coming weeks. At The Elm, we spent the week before classes at Publications Boot Camp, our week long training session filled with lectures and workshops such as “Introduction to Interviewing and Understanding Newsworthiness” with Dan Divilio, our Elm advisor and the editor of The Kent County News, and “Life Beyond The Elm” with alumna Cat Righter ‘17. We learned, bonded, and, most importantly, worked, worked, worked.

At The Elm, we are so excited for the upcoming school year, to continue to turn out an amazing paper, to help our readers keep up-to-date on all things WAC, and to help make our campus a better place. And here on our blog, “The Leaf”, we are excited for new beginnings. “The Leaf” is a fun and creative space to accompany the paper. Here we are hoping to keep our readers updated on campus activities, to highlight the dedicated and talented students of Washington College, and to give the campus a place to come for Washington College through its students eyes.

My name is Shannon Moran and I will be the Social Media and Blog Editor for the The Elm during this 2018- 2019 school year. I am currently a senior at WAC, majoring in English with a double minor in Creative Writing and Music. From WACappella, to Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority, to Poetry Editor for the Collegian, I participate in many facets of student life, and want to curate a space to explore the collegiate experience at Washington College. “The Leaf” is a little more personal, a little more open, a little more fun. I hope you’ll read along with us this year, through the paper and the blog. And as the quiet tension for the upcoming school year builds around us, I hope you find its inevitable dissipation as joyful as I always do.

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