Student Spotlight: Max Hammond

There is a preconceived notion that at a small school, everyone knows everyone.  And yes, you may recognize faces but don’t always have the chance to meet people outside of your friend group – people are busy and usually have a million and one things on their plates.

This is especially true about the baseball team who are a tight group of athletes are super busy both in the fall and the spring. Yet, this was never the case with Max.

The first time I met him, he was very kind, good-natured and extremely polite to me (even called me ma’am) which made all my doubts of making new friends go away. Max is a sophomore business management major with a concentration in accounting and finance from Annapolis! When he isn’t hitting numbers on his calculator, he’s hitting home runs on the baseball team.

With his sophomore year ending, he reflected about some of his favorite memories here at WAC so far. “My favorite memories have come from being with my roommates and teammates, whether we are competing on the field together, or going on a spontaneous trip to one of the nearby cities on our free weekends,” said Max.

As a future upperclassman, Max would give the advice, “to take a step back when you are feeling overwhelmed. With my sophomore year coming to an end, it’s easy to say time flies. So, my advice to a future student would be to relax, enjoy college, and take it all in. No matter how hectic your schedule in college can be at times, you only get to do it once, so don’t take this time for granted.”

That’s some good advice for future sports players. Did you know that Max is going to spend 3 weeks in Japan this summer? Jealous! Go out and see Max on the baseball field to cheer him on for another WAC victory!


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Photo Credit: Washington College Athletics

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