Senior Capstone Experience

Everyone is extremely stressed out this time of year, but seniors are going through something a little different than the rest of us. Asides from stressing about future plans, WAC seniors are in the process of presenting their Senior Capstones. The Senior Capstone Experience takes place in the form of huge research papers, exams, portfolios, or performances. This is the last huge assignment seniors have before they graduate which explains why the heat is on.

Two seniors, Jasmine White and Michael Luckert, gave me their insight to the experience as they prepare for their presentations in the upcoming week. Jasmine’s capstone presentation is on biology and specifically looks at “comparing male and female physiology as it pertains to jumping mechanics and why athletes train differently to prevent injury”. While this may seem like a lot to any non-bio student, Jasmine says, “I’m not nervous because I’m passionate. I am more upset because I feel the topic I am studying will never be complete.” She feels she will continue researching this topic after school.

Michael Luckert also gave his presentation this week and is “excited and nervous because the business department is presenting in a two-hour time slot for the first time”. They had previously done their presentations in a one-hour slot but changed to be in line with other departments. “My presentation is on McKesson Corporation and I am analyzing the [healthcare] industry.” As dreaded as it may seem now, it won’t be long until these seniors can take a breath-er from their capstones. If you have the opportunity, make sure to support your fellow seniors as they give their presentations!


Jacklyn Russo

Staff Blogger


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