Second Semester Stress Tips

It is the end of the third week of April, which means we are almost through the second semester! I’m sure that everyone is completely exhausted and more than ready for summer. Especially for warmer weather that is here to stay! Unfortunately, or fortunately, we still have a couple more weeks to get through before summer break, including the ever so dreaded finals week. This time of the year can be super stressful and overwhelming for everyone but have no fear because we are all in the same boat. This year, I have compiled some ways of battling the second semester stress.

  • This has probably been said by everyone but try to avoid procrastination. Naturally nobody feels like doing work this time of the year but trying to get ahead will take a tremendous amount of stress off yourself.
  • Although the number of nice days has been limited recently, make sure to take some time to go outside. Everyone’s mood improves with the nice weather so make sure you take advantage of it! If you have work to get done, bring a blanket to the green or sit on the library terrace!
  • Think positive and take advantage of extra credit! If you feel like your grades could be better, go to any extra credit your professor offers even if it means missing out on some Netflix time.
  • Worry about assignments you are working on in the moment. Try to avoid stressing over other things that are due until you are working on them. Take on one thing at a time!

And for number 5: Don’t overstress! Everyone is struggling at this time, but we can all get through this together. Even if the situation seems dire we can all get through this semester together. It’s not long until summer break now!


Jacklyn Russo

Staff Blogger

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