The Best Last Events of the School Year

This school year is beginning to end but that doesn’t mean the fun has to! We’ve included some of the best events to hit before the end of the year when you need that study break from finals (yes, I dared to say the F word). Here’s some the events to keep an eye out for:

April 14th                      AOII’s Dodgeball Tournament at 12:00pm


April 14th                      SEB’s Bus Trip to DC


April 15th                      AXO’s and Theta Chi’s Walk a Mile


April 20th                      SEB and SGA Tailgate at 3:30pm at the Baseball Field


April 22nd-27th               ZTAs Pink Out Week


April 25th                      Euro Bungee at 3pm


April 25th                      AXO’s Denim Day- Supporting Sexual Assault Survivors


April 27th                      Kappa Sigma, PEAC and WAC Baseball One Love Foundation BBQ


April 29th                      KA Biking for Charity


May 1st-May 5th           GI Theta Chi Week


May 4th                         SEB’s Shorefest featuring The Brighton Boys


May 5th                         School Sponsored- Alcohol Free

Kentucky Derby BBQ/House Party at Dorchester


If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact:


Gabby Leach and Jacklyn Russo

Staff Bloggers

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