Student Spotlight: Jack Despeaux

Senior year can be a crazy time. Balancing thesis work, class and spending time with all your friends can be very overwhelming but somehow, Jack Despeaux makes it all look easy! His all-around happy personality and positive attitude is contagious for all his friends around him.

You haven’t met Jack yet?  Well let me introduce him to you! Jack is from Thurmont, MD, a small town just outside of Gettysburg, and is double majoring in English and Philosophy (Holy Thesis)! Outside of his academics, Jack is a brother of Phi Delta Theta and serves as the current intramural chair, and a member of the Philosophy Club. He has worked at the Literary House, interned for the Pegasus, serves as the current Student Life Editor for the Elm and is basically the intramural sports champion on campus.

I asked Jack what are some of his favorite memories of WAC during his four years here. He believed that the study abroad trip to Kiplin Hall really took the cake.

“When I went to Kiplin Hall with Dr. Gillin, that was probably the highlight of my college career,” he said. “Just learning about my own potential while hiking around with my favorite professor, was one of the most influential experiences in my life. Beyond that, there are just countless memories of times with my friends that I will always cherish.”

Along with the study abroad trip to Kiplin, Jack also studied abroad in Cork, Ireland for a semester! Senior year is a lot of reflecting on the past four years you’ve spent at Washington College and I asked Jack how he felt his time at this college has changed him as a person.

“When I arrived at WC, I didn’t really know how to apply myself. High school was easy for me, but WC taught me to understand responsibility, and how to use resources for my own development,” he said. “ I would tell Freshman Jack to treat college life like an opportunity, and not like something that I had just arrived at. If I would’ve been able to recognize the brevity of a college career and the ways in which I needed to apply myself sooner, I would’ve appreciated it more.”

Fun fact: the picture he has holding the fish with his friend, Nick Totis, he actually skipped his favorite professors, Dr. Gillin, class to catch! Major plot twist indeed! If you see Jack around campus, give him a hello! He’s one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

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