A Recap of Admitted Students Day

Did you notice a ton of people on campus on Saturday? Well if you did it was Admitted Students Day! And if you didn’t…then where were you? Admitted Students Day is a huge day for the school and prospective students. This is one of the last big open houses the school hosts before Decision Day (May 1), so they pull out all the bells and whistles to wow these kids. There was an Academic Fair in Cain during the day for students to get a feel of what WAC has to offer. I had the honor of manning the Communication and Media Studies major table with some fellow superstar majors. It was so cool getting to meet new students and see how excited they are to come to WAC or to make their decision. Many kids were already committed to WAC and still came out today, talk about commitment!

During the afternoon the school had a variety of other things for the prospective students to go to. Personally, I was working the Student Events Board Cookout in the Goosenest. This event was for anyone to attend and we were super excited to have prospective students and their families stop in. I also go to meet a bunch of cool people who are interested in joining our board. Admitted Students Day is just like a breath of spring by giving us new excited people for our school and organizations. I hope that we will all get to see everyone from today on campus next year!


Jacklyn Russo

Staff Blogger

Picture: The Leaf Photo Archives

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