Riddle Me This!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Noah who?
Noah body…April Fool’s!


In honor of Spring (or our lack thereof), here are some more of my favorite Spring related riddles.


Q: April’s birthday is in April, which is in the fall. How is this possible?

A: April lives in Australia.


Q: Flowers in bloom and rain showers I bring, I live in your mattress and even trampolines. What am I?

A: Spring.


Q: Why is everyone so tired on April 1st?

A: April fools! Just kidding…it’s because they’ve just finished a long, 31 days of March.


Q: When does a prince become a king?

A: Usually in April, when the reign begins.


Q: Why did the Easter egg hide?

A: He was a little chicken.


Q: Where does the Easter bunny eat breakfast?



Q: April’s parents wanted to get their daughter an Easter pet. They looked at a baby chick and a baby duck, and decided to settle on the chick. Why was this?

A: The baby chick was a little cheeper.


Q: How do you know that carrots are good for the eyes?

A: Well, have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses?


And finally…


Q: What happened when the Easter bunny met the rabbit of his dreams?

A: They lived hoppily ever after. The end!


Some of them are admittedly better than others, but I still hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did. In other news, there are only six weeks of school left…hang in there!


Jessie Ngo

Staff Blogger

Picture Credit: Pixabay



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