Student Spotlight: Will Hewitt

For this week’s student spotlight, I wanted to interview someone with an amazing personality and is also just an all around great person. One of the first people I thought of was Will Hewitt. Will is a communications major with a concentration in marketing and a political science minor. Along with all his academics, he is the Vice President of the Class of 2020, the Director of Member Relations for SEB and a tour guide for the Admissions department.

Originally from Olney, Maryland, Will has nearly completed his second year at WAC. I asked Will what some of his favorite memories have been at WAC so far.

“One of my favorite memories was moving in freshman year because it was the first time it truly set in that I was finally in college and it was exciting to see my whole college career in front of me,” said Will.

“Another one of my favorite memories in college is when it is really nice outside and I can go down to Wilmer park and do homework because it shows how picturesque the town of Chestertown is.”

I discussed with Will how next year he is going to be considered an “upperclassmen” and asked how has Washington College changed him as a person so far. “Washington College has allowed me to be comfortable with myself and gave me a lot of assuredness,” he said.

“I think because the school is on the smaller side it really allows you to be yourself and be a big fish in a small pond.”

He said he would tell his freshman year self, “to take a deep breath and everything will work out. But even if something doesn’t work out for you the way that you planned, it isn’t the end of the world.”

Fun fact! Did you know he designed clothes for a UK-based clothing label? Will is an amazing person inside and out and if you see him out and about on campus, give him a hearty hello!


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

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