Second Semester Blues

As you all know we are about halfway through the second semester and the need for spring break has never been more real. If you’re like me, you are probably exhausted, drowning in work, overloading on coffee, and stress crying. Not to mention I’m behind on half of my Netflix shows, which is also a real issue. Grades are beginning to slip and overall morality is low. I also do not think the bags under my eyes could be any darker. It’s fine because almost everyone on campus is feeling the same exact way. Luckily, I’ve thought of some pointers for surviving this time of the year.

First of all, everyone seems to be behind on work at this time. The only real way to avoid having work pile up is to stop procrastinating. Obviously this is much easier said than done as I’m staring at my to-do list that includes 3 major projects that I’ve had for at least 3 weeks. But the post-spring break goal could be to begin working on things as they are assigned, instead of at the last minute. My next tip is to try to get enough sleep, even if it means cutting your Netflix time short. Trust me, it’s been hard to do but I started limiting myself to an episode a night to try and get enough sleep. Obviously when you are low on sleep it’s super easy to head to Java for a nice coffee. Although time is always the issue this time of year, if you find yourself with a free 30 minutes try getting some exercise. Working out is a great stress reliever and a great way to sneak in some Netflix time while still feeling productive. Regardless of what you do we will survive this semester no matter how dire it may seem. Good luck with the rest of your semester WAC!


Jacklyn Russo

Staff Blogger

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