One Birthday Ball. Two Perspectives

Senior Gabby Leach and freshman Jessie Ngo both attended a first and last Birthday Ball.

Gabby gave a pre-birthday ball send off. For her last ball, she wanted to give her best tips for someone wanting to have a great time.

Get ready for one of the best events at Washington College!  You thought Homecoming was good? Just wait, because the Birthday Ball is better, bigger and even more fun. The entire JFC is decked out in theme (this year, it is “Atlantis” and it will be AWESOME) and everybody is dressed from head to toe in glam! I’m a seasoned veteran of the Birthday Ball, having attended all four years… that is not something that everyone can brag about. Take advice from someone who knows on how to make this night one for the books.

  1. BE EXTRA. You know how some people try to shame you for going all out for school dances? Not anymore, Birthday Ball is the definition of being extra with long gowns, high school prom perfect hair and endless pictures with your friends/significant other in front of the decorations. Live it up and go all out!
  2. Borrow dresses. If you’re like me, money is starting to get tight when the last of the summer funds start to dry up (just kidding that’s been gone a long time ago), so don’t be afraid to borrow a dress from one of your friends. Ask to raid their closet and if you find a dress you love, you can play it up with the theme. Sharing is caring people and saving money is just smart!
  3. Two pairs of shoes. Please do yourself a favor ladies and do not walk around in your heels all night. Bring a pair of comfy shoes so feet will love you at the end of the night. Unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw with feet of steel and can wear 7 inch Manolo Blahnik’s on a regular basis, it’s unnecessary to go through all that pain.
  4. Sober Driver. This is something that has been drilled in our heads since before we got our licenses and it’s still relevant and very important. Do not make a fun night a sad one by drinking and driving. There’s usually one safe ride van and if not, there’s usually one friend who is staying sober for the night who can take you somewhere you need to go. If all else fails, there’s that one Uber in Chestertown that you can call. Be smart, be safe and don’t drink and drive.
  5. Make it to Midnight Breakfast. This is probably my favorite part of the whole night. I remember my freshman year there was a huge snow storm and midnight breakfast got CANCELLED; I didn’t realize what I was missing out on until the next year when I was able to experience the food of the heavens or “Dhall” after a night of dancing. Midnight Breakfast is must!! If you don’t go to Birthday Ball (but you should because it’s the best), please make it to midnight breakfast. You can thank me later.
  6. Thank the SEB staff. The SEB staff put so much time, energy and money into the Birthday Ball so whatever you do NOT complain about ANYTHING unless you’re willing to step up and do something the next year. When you see a member of the SEB staff, please give them a big “thank you” for putting on the event for the campus to enjoy. They’ve worked hard and they deserve our support.



Later after the dance, Jessie gave her view on what her first Birthday Ball was like.

Saturday was my first Birthday Ball, and I had an absolute blast! As a freshman, I had no idea what to expect at the big event, but after hearing older students talk about their past Birthday Ball experiences, seeing all of the decorations go up in Hodson, and watching the vlogs that the SEB posted on Instagram, there was definitely a lot of hype in the week leading up to the dance.

I spent the day of Birthday Ball getting ready and taking a bunch of pictures with a group of my close friends. I didn’t have to buy a new dress because this year’s theme was Journey to Atlantis, so I was able to wear my royal blue dress from last year’s prom – which fit the theme perfectly! As soon as we were all ready we headed over to the JFC, and I could barely contain my excitement as we entered the gym. The JFC had been completely transformed to give off an underwater vibe, and everything about it was magical – from the themed food to the energy on the dance floor to the decorations complete with a Poseidon statue.

Getting to see everyone – students, faculty, and even alumni – all dressed up and having fun at George Washington’s annual birthday bash made my experience even better. After Birthday Ball was over I went over to D-hall for a complimentary midnight breakfast, and I can’t think of any better way to have ended such a wonderful night than with free food.


Jessie Ngo and Gabby Leach

Staff Bloggers

Photo Credit: WC Admissions Instagram

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