SGA Presidential Debate Highlights

Who will May Kiros pass the baton of SGA president to on February 22nd? Who will be #that’smypresident THIS COMING Thursday? That’s right people, it’s election time and I have the inside scoop from the presidential candidates who are running for President and Vice President of the SGA. This year’s candidates include Victoria Cline and Ben Fizer running for President, and Brandon Gross and Savannah Masterson running for the Vice President position.

The debates will be covered heavily this week on all media platforms for Washington College so I wanted to find out directly from each candidate what everyone really wants to know. I asked, “Why should people vote for you? What’s the main thing you want people to take away before voting on Thursday?” I started with the two presidential candidates.

Cline answered, “SGA is my passion. I want to reach students of all backgrounds and amplify all voices on campus. I really want to get the SGA connected back with the student body.”

Fizer answered, “I feel like I will represent the students well. I’m very approachable and just want to have to have all the student population to be heard. I want to implement action groups to make sure everybody has a chance to have their voice heard.”

I asked the two Vice Presidential candidates the same question. Gross answered, “People should vote for me because I have the experience with this position and was able to grow so much during my time as VP. I want to be able to keep growing while completing my goals of sending out the resource guide I started for all clubs and getting out the electronic application that I want to implement for the benefit of SGA and the students.”

Finally, Masterson answered, “I just want people to remember I’m a student too. I’m here to talk to anyone and want them to be able to trust me to help him or her with whatever they need. I’m here to talk and connect to the student body as a fellow student.”

I also asked the candidates the important question of “what they thought their spirit animal was and why?” Masterson answered, “I would be a butterfly because they’re lively, happy and fly around to people. I feel like I’m outgoing and love to go around talking to people.”

Gross answered, “I would be a giraffe! They are calm and gentle but when determined, they are go-getters!”

Fizer answered, “I would definitely be a bear. When I was 11, I went on a Boy Scout trip to Alaska. When we were stopped in our bus, a Kodak mother bear and her cub walked super close to us. I stuck my hand out and got to touch it, which was a super cool experience for me. Also I’m big and like to hibernate in the winter too.”

Cline answered, “I would be an eagle because I fly with vision and purpose but I always come down to Earth.”

We have strong candidates for both positions so this will be a tough election! February 22nd is Election Day and you will be getting an email to VOTE for your next president and vice president! Make your voice heard by voting on Thursday!


If you want to learn more about the candidate’s key platforms, check out these links:

  • Savannah Masterson

  • Ben Fizer

  • Victoria Cline

  • Brandon Gross


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Picture credits: Facebook


***Note: Fizer, Masterson, and Cline also work for The Elm. Ben Fizer is the Business Manager, Savannah Masterson is the Social Media Editor and Victoria Cline is a writer.

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