AOII’s Valentine’s Day Rose Sale

The sweetest holiday of the year is here where every store is decked out in red, pink and white with endless aisles of candy and stuffed bears. That’s right, Valentine’s Day. The day that some people love to love and others love to hate.

The sisters of AOII wanted to make this holiday a little more special by selling roses at their table in Hodson to raise money and awareness about their philanthropy, Juvenile Arthritis. This event allowed for college students to have a cheaper alternative to celebrate Valentine’s Day while learning information about Juvenile Arthritis and knowing their money was going to be given back to the children affected by this disease.

I discussed with AOII’s philanthropy chairs, Virginia Parker and Sam Snyder, about the importance of this event to AOII and the campus. “This sale was important for spreading WAC love,” said Sam, “But also, the profit made from the sale will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation with each rose being attached with notecard with a Juvenile Arthritis fact. We were able to raise money and raise awareness through Valentine’s Day!”

Over the past week, the sisters of AOII sold 435 roses and made a total profit of $300 to be donated to the Juvenile Arthritis foundation! “This was the first time our Sigma Tau chapter has done a philanthropy event like this and honestly, we weren’t expecting to sell more than 50 roses,” said Sam, “but we ended up selling 435, which means a third of campus received roses and became more educated on Juvenile Arthritis.”

If you received an email from Sam, then a special someone bought you a rose! Take the time to learn a little more about AOII’s philanthropy and see how a little love was spread in multiple ways through a single rose!


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Picture: Gabby Leach

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