Student Spotlight: Matt Aubin

Who is Matt Aubin? If you’ve been to Talbot, hung out at a sports game or have done school work at the library, you’ve most definitely run into this guy. Matt is a junior sociology major and secondary education minor from Ellicott City, MD. He’s an active member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity as their Vice President, an RA in Caroline and athletic communications worker. I discussed with Matt some of his favorite memories at WC so far, which included, “becoming a member of the Kappa Alpha Order, because of the opportunities the chapter has provided me with, as well as the life long friendships.” Along with extracurricular activities, Matt is a Sweetheart for AOII and always willing to support his sisters by coming to all of their events!

As Matt is finishing his junior year in May, the reality of his last year is becoming real. “WC has changed me as a person because it’s taught me to enjoy the process of everyday life”, shared Matt, “I used to look forward to major events and wish days away, but being at WC I have learned that everyday presents a new opportunity to better yourself and more importantly, learn from others. I’ve learned by taking one day at a time allows for less stress and to focus on what you have in front of you.” Matt had some major shout outs to some of the people who played a huge role in WAC experience; Adam Glass, his big- David Mooney, Brooke Burghardt, Dean Diquinzio and finally his mom! If you see Matt on campus, give him a hello!


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Picture: Gabby Leach

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