Preparing for Birthday Ball

As many of you know, Birthday Ball is coming up quickly. If you didn’t know or just forgot, the dance is just about three weeks away. This year’s theme is Journey to Atlantis and it is sure to be a great time. As a freshman, this will be my first year attending and I couldn’t be more excited. Originally, I had no idea what the dance was or even what to wear, but lucky for you guys, I have some insider tips from the Student Events Board for this year’s Birthday Ball.

I spoke with executive member, Dr. Meredith Maynard, about some dos and don’ts for this year. The dance, as in years past, will be held in the JFC from 8pm-12am on Feb 24th. Dr. Maynard says “make sure to show up early to the dance, because the food will not last all night!” Do not show up within the last couple hours and expect there to still be snacks. As for what to wear, the dress code is formal attire. Guys should plan on wearing suits and ties. It’s recommended for girls to wear long dresses to make the dance more of a gala. Basically, think of prom but in a college setting. All Washington College students get free admittance and just need to remember their school ID. If you plan on bringing an outside guest, please follow the directions found on SEB’s Instagram @wac_seb or online at the Office of Student Engagement. This year’s ball is bound to be a blast so get ready to Journey to Atlantis!


Jacklyn Russo

Staff Blogger

Photo source: SEB Facebook

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