Campus Services

Have you ever wondered about all of the amazing services that WAC has to offer? Look no further!

Central Services on the first floor of the Casey Academic Center is the one stop shop for all of your mailing and printing needs. Whether you’re shipping domestically, buying some stamps, or just picking up a package, Central Services staff will be more than happy to help you out!

The Global Education Office is in charge of the study abroad programs and encourages international interactions and experiences for WAC students and faculty alike. Make sure to stop by and say hi to the GEO team, especially if you’re thinking about studying abroad!

Health & Counseling Services provides medical and counseling services to all full-time WAC students. To schedule a visit, either make an appointment online or stop by the office (located between Queen Anne’s and Caroline). If you need Tylenol or ibuprofen make sure to check the self-help shelf in the reception area of the office, which also provides band-aids, throat lozenges, decongestants, and more.

The Help Desk is located in the basement of Smith Hall and can help you with all of your technology needs! (I’ve stopped by for help more times than I’d care to admit). To contact the Help Desk, call 410-778-7777 or email

Miller Library has all of the resources to help you succeed in your classes, like an expansive online and print database, computer workstations, printers, and individual and group study rooms. Don’t forget to stop by Sophie’s Café to grab something to eat if you’re up late studying!

The Office of Academic Skills provides academic support to students with documented disabilities. To request academic accommodations, visit the Office of Academic Skills located on the second floor of the Miller Library or contact Andrea Vassar at

Public Safety is located in the basement of Wicomico House, but you’ve probably seen Public Safety officers around campus before. If you need to report a crime, get a replacement ID card, a bike, or someone to jumpstart your car, Public Safety can be reached at 410-778-7810.

The Quantitative Skills Center is a free tutoring service for WAC students. If you need help with the math component of one of your classes, the center is located on the main floor of the Library and has both drop in hours and appointment hours.

The Writing Center provides one-to-one peer tutoring sessions for all of your writing needs. Whether you’re working on a lab report, an essay, or a thesis, these trained tutors are more than happy to provide you with individualized attention and assistance.


Jessie Ngo

Staff Blogger

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