February Goals

The end of January has approached and some of us kept our New Year’s resolutions while others, not so much (cough, cough me). Even though those big resolutions may not have panned out, why not re-boot the year and start small in February with a goal countdown? You may find that creating a small goal will actually help you to stick with it by putting it on your daily schedule. Give it a try and see if you can stick to some fun personal goals for the 28 days of February!


February 1st: Start a memory jar. I started one of these in high school for an entire year and I loved being able to look back on little memories that I had forgotten. Committing to an entire year may be difficult for some with busy schedules, so start with just the month! Write down little moments wherever you are on a slip of paper for your memory jar! At the end of the month, look back and reflect on all of the fun!

February 2nd: Smile at everybody for a day. You don’t realize how a smile and a hello can brighten somebody’s day. Just smile and see how many smiles you get back!

February 3rd: Eat only vegan for a day. I know being a vegan can be very hard, but try out the lifestyle to experience other food choices while increasing your consumption of healthier foods like fruits and vegetables! Who knows, maybe the vegan lifestyle will end up as your calling?

February 4th: Travel somewhere new! I know Chestertown seems like it is in the middle of nowhere, but you may be surprised to find out that there’s actually a lot of cute towns surrounding us. Check out Chesapeake City or plan a road trip to Philly. It’s important to explore the area and see something new while getting out of Chestertown for a little.

February 5th: Plan a movie night with all your friends. The four years go by quickly and you’ll never have the same experience of having all your college friends in one place again. Catch up, do something special, and have fun!

February 6th: Volunteer! Giving back to the community or an organization is one of the most rewarding things you can do! You can go to the Humane Society to play with some animals or just donate to an organization that means a lot to you. Every little thing helps and goes a long way!

February 7th: Call your parents or plan a day for them to come and visit! Your parents could be empty nesters, like mine, and they get so excited when I make time to talk or plan a day for them to come visit me in Chestertown. Take them to your favorite waterfront spots or your favorite place to get food with your friends. Let them see what your college experience is all about!

February 8th: Say “Yes” to everything for a day. Don’t go crazy with this or do anything you’re uncomfortable with, but try something new or go on an adventure with somebody that you wouldn’t normally, because you’re busy or have something else to do. Give “Yes” a try and see how your day goes!

February 9th: Try a new exercise! Spice up your gym routine by going to yoga, Pilates, or Zumba! Washington College has FREE classes for students to take throughout the week; you won’t find that at other places when you graduate, so take advantage and get your sweat on!

February 10th: Shop at the local farmers market! Every Saturday morning, community members from the town bring their produce and hand-made products to downtown Chestertown! Support local businesses while getting yummy food when you want a break from dining hall.

February 11th: Redecorate your dorm room! Change up your room to show your new attitude for life and throw out all of the clutter from last year. Amazon has awesome deals, which you can buy new decorations for cheap, and Dollar Tree has organizers to help make sure everything in your room has a place. New year, new room, new you!

February 12th: Start a bullet journal and write down all your goals for the week, month, and year. By having a journal in front of you, you’ll be able to work on your goals and be reminded of what you want to do.

February 13th: Take the time to relax for a day! Start with a bath bomb and a facemask then end with a good book and some relaxing tea. We’re always on the go during the school year; take the time to “treat yo self!”

February 14th: Go shopping! It’s halfway through the month; get some clothes to reflect your attitude and vibe for 2018. Want to get that leather jacket? Go for it! It’s your time to feel good and look good.

February 15th: Detox day! Detox yourself from any negativity in your life; if it’s on social media or anything going on in your life. Click unfollow, click mute, and just block yourself from anything bringing you down!

February 16th: Get outside more. I know its super cold right now, but layer up and get outside for a walk, bike ride, or run. It’s so easy for us to stay inside on our laptops or phones; get out in nature and enjoy the world around you.

February 17th: Start doing work a week ahead of time! Don’t stay up and stress the night before on that paper you procrastinated for the past month; instead do a little of the assignment each day so you don’t have to stress. You will probably feel more fulfilled and proud of your work instead of frantically submitting it at 11:59.

February 18th: Listen and explore different kinds of music! Music does so much for our auditory system; it can help us focus, get energized, and channel our feelings. Explore different genres, instruments and songs that make you feel a certain way. After that, you can make a solid playlist that will channel those feelings and help you feel comforted in any situation.

February 19th: Learn to forgive and forget. Holding grudges and holding onto those feelings of anger is only damaging to you and your relationships. Allow yourself time to get over these feelings and moving on with your life. Not for any person or situation, but for yourself.

February 20th: Start reading the news. I always would avoid the news because I would always get anxious about all the negativity and terrible events that occurred in the world or otherwise the saying, “Ignorance is Bliss.” But as I got older, I believe staying informed and understanding what’s occurring in our world is important in learning the truth in matters. I know the news, no matter how negative in some ways, helped inspire me to want to give back to my community and world. What part can I do to better the world around me?

February 21st: Reach out to old friends who you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. A handwritten note or text message goes along way by just checking in on someone to see how he or she is doing. You never know they could be missing you and could make their day.

February 22nd: Go to an on campus event! This could be a guest speaker talk, a concert or an event put on by the SEB. You can get involved in your campus community while seeing people you might not have seen and expose yourself to experiencing something new!

February 23rd: Drink water! Water is the elixir of life; it keeps you healthy, energized and feeling good always. On Dr. Oz, they said you should try to drink 3 liters a day. I’m not saying hop in and drink all this water and start having to pee every 10 minutes but work yourself into drinking water and see what magical results you get! (Make sure to use a reusable water bottle too)

February 24th: Dance the night away at Birthday Ball. Grab your man or lady and dance around like a crazy person; even make a huge mosh pit of dancing friends. Kick off your shoes (literally) and dance, dance, dance!

February 25th: Unplug from all technology for a day. Don’t go on your phone or the Internet for a whole day. This is hard during the school year because everybody is so busy with crazy schedules, but I bet if you gave it a day, you would feel so detoxified and happy to be living in the moment.

February 26th: Go makeup free for a day. We live in a society where its more acceptable for make up to be worn everyday instead of going bare faced. Allow your face to breathe and go without any makeup to class! Embrace your natural beauty!

February 27th: Create a budgeting plan. If you’re like me, that Christmas money has become close to nonexistent. Now you’re back at Chestertown with Sado and Plaza looking very good, you want to eat out every night… c’mon, I know it’s not just me! Create a plan for the amount of money you want to spend either each week, every couple weeks or month. It’ll feel good at the end of the semester when you have more than a dollar to your name.

February 28th: Put yourself first. This past month has been about bettering yourself and growing. Some of them you probably hated and others you loved; incorporate the ones you loved into your daily schedule! Never stop growing and never stop loving yourself because you’re the only one you’ve got.


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Picture: Pinterest

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