New Year’s Resolutions

A new year almost always means a new list of resolutions you swear you won’t break again. Whether they are getting in shape, letting go of negative thoughts, or whatever else your heart could dream up, these resolutions are usually broken. However, to those of you who do follow through with your resolutions, congratulations; if only we could all have your will power. But if you’re like me, then you probably broke your New Year’s resolution before the first week of 2018 ended. You also probably figured that you’ll just restart your resolution when you got back to WAC. My thought process was that the New Year could also mean a new semester, right? While I’ve been going strong, for a week this resolution will not last another week, but that’s totally fine.

Instead of resolutions maybe we should start labelling them as intentions. Creating a resolution means to decide to do or not do something, while having an intention has a less firm meaning. Let’s start aiming to make changes instead of swearing by them. This will make the fall less harsh when we do end up slipping up by eating a sleeve of Oreos or accidentally making a snarky remark. Even better, we can stop labeling resolutions and begin silently making lifestyle changes. If we keep it silent, then nobody can call us out when they see us doing exactly what we said we wouldn’t do. No matter what you decide to call it, let’s make 2018 our year. Besides, resolutions are meant to be broken!

Jacklyn Russo

Staff Blogger

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