Finding the Right Internship

Winter and summer break are the perfect opportunity to find an internship to acquire job experience. This winter, I had the opportunity to intern at the Maryland House of Delegates and it was so much fun. I was able to do research, write up documents, go to hearings and so much more.

This was an experience that was so incredible to me because I got to see what was going on in my home state. It was eye opening to see first hand the responsibilities of state representatives. Having an interest in local politics, I was able to learn the process of getting a bill drafted, creating a panel to come in and testify, going to hearings as well as writing bill summaries. These were all tasks that I enjoyed and never once got tired of. Meeting all the staff and other delegates was interesting because they all had different jobs and had been serving different amounts of time as a delegate or staff member.

During the various interactions, it was then I realized that this opportunity was something I wanted to work for down the road. Making connections and communicating with so many people will allow me to be able to reach out for another opportunity later down the road.

So if you’re looking for the perfect internship, keep pushing and persevering because it is out there, sometimes it may just take a little extra push!


Savannah Masterson

Social Media Editor

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