Ballin’ On A Budget This Christmas

Christmas is coming up fast, which means we’re all running out of time to buy gifts. Buying gifts however, does not mean breaking the bank. Most of us, like almost any college kid across the country, are probably tight on cash. The ramen-noodle budget is hitting us hard, but doesn’t mean we can’t still get good gifts for the people we love. That’s why I’m here to help you make 2017 your year and conquer Christmas on a budget.

Everyone wants to give their friends the best gifts, but best doesn’t have to mean expensive. One of the best gifts that works for almost anyone is candy or snacks. This is an inexpensive gift that satisfies your friend’s cravings, without them having to spend their own cash on their favorites. Another great gift is a framed picture or collage. You can put together this gift for under $5 with an inexpensive frame and photo prints. Other great and wanted gifts that don’t break the bank include candles, body sprays, lotions, fuzzy socks, cool jewelry, and baseball caps/beanies. However, if none of these stand out to you, I have a couple tips to help save money when shopping.

The first is to be on the lookout for sales, especially BOGO, because then you can tailor the items to finish two gifts you need. Another thing to do is check multiple stores or websites to find the cheapest price for your desired gift. In the end, regardless of what you spend, it’s the thought that matters most. Happy Holidays WAC and good luck with your shopping!


Jacklyn Russo

Staff Blogger

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