The Best Gifts to Give Your Significant Other

If you’re like me, you’re not only starting to feel the stress of finals week, but you’re also starting to worry about what you’re going to get for your significant other this holiday season. I’ve checked all the lists from Pinterest to Etsy, and even took a Buzzfeed quiz on what to give my significant other. Through my research, I’ve found some popular, yet sentimental gift ideas significant other:

  1. Clothes: Hear me out; I know you’re probably thinking “okay that’s a no brainer” but I feel some of my favorite gifts I ever received was something I could wear to be reminded of my boyfriend throughout the day. If you get them a nice sweater, you can spray a little perfume or cologne on a sleeve and they will think of you whenever they get a whiff. I know, very 50s, but I know it always made me smile.
  2. Tickets: Movie tickets, concert tickets, sports game tickets! Tickets are something to look forward to after the Christmas season and let’s you have a special date while being able to share a cool experience together. Whenever you hear a song or a quote in a movie, you’re always going to remember that memory you shared together!
  3. Surprise Adventure: Plan a day for your significant other and tell them to just mark the day on the calendar. This is an idea I love (hint hint to my boyfriend), and is also so much fun to plan! You can plan a day in NYC to see the winter decorations or even a chill day watching Christmas movies. No matter what, your significant other is going to be so honored and happy you took the time to plan the day just for them.
  4. Subscription Boxes: I actually got this idea from my friend, Mallory Smith! She told me that there are so many different kinds of boxes with different pricing for whatever you want to get. This also allows for them to get a present once a month, reminding them of you and is like Christmas all year long!
  5. Picture Collage: Sometimes the simplest things mean the most. Create a collage of all your memories together throughout the time you’ve been together. The pictures will take you down memory lane reminding you for all your good times together.
  6. DIY: Create something for your significant other. Even if you aren’t an artist or writer, the thought and energy you put into the item will mean so much to I promise, whatever you make for them, they will keep it forever.

No matter what you give to your special someone, they will be so blessed and happy because they already have the best gift of all, YOU! I know I’m sounding corny now, but I hope you and your special somebody have an amazing holiday!


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger



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