Cyber Monday Deal

With all of the hype surrounding Thanksgiving and Black Friday, people often forget that the day after Thanksgiving isn’t the only day to find good deals. Cyber Monday, which occurs the Monday after Thanksgiving, is for those people who prefer to look for deals online rather than braving the crowds in stores on Friday. Although Cyber Monday discounts aren’t usually as steep as those that can be found on Black Friday, people can still save a significant amount of money if they choose to shop online instead of in stores. Here are a few of the best Cyber Monday deals that I could find:

Target is offering 15% off of online purchases on Cyber Monday, no promo codes required. From Nov. 28 to Dec. 2, Target will also have “Daily Deals” on clothes, electronics, home goods, and more.

H&M is giving 20% off of everything online and in stores AND free shipping when you use the code 1662. This offer is only valid through Saturday 11/25, but they should be rolling out more deals as Monday approaches.

Amazon isn’t just offering deals on Cyber Monday – throughout “Cyber Monday Deals Week”, it will be offering new deals every day of the week. Since Amazon discounts its services for college students, this is a great time to buy anything that you might need at a discounted price.

Apple products should be discounted at third party retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, as they have been in years past. The price that you pay after these discounts may still be a lot, but considering that Apple products are rarely discounted, this is a good time to buy if you’re looking for a new laptop or tablet.


Happy hunting, WAC!

Jessie Ngo

Staff blogger

Photo source: USA Today

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