The Kappa Alpha Order’s Movember

During the month of November, you may have noticed more guys on campus rocking a mustache. Is this an 80s come back? No, it’s Movember! The brothers of the Kappa Alpha Order have been raising proceeds to donate to the Movember Foundation, which focuses on bringing awareness to men’s health in the areas of prostate and testicular cancer research as well as programs for mental health/suicide prevention. I sat down with Finny Dorsch, a senior in KA, about what Movember means to him and his chapter. “The Movember movement means a lot to our chapter! Everyone has an important man in their life who has been, or potentially could be affected with the men’s health issues mentioned previously”, said Finny. “This is something we want people around campus to at least hear about, which is what’s so good about a smaller school like Washington College.” Evan Sayyad, previous president of KA and organizer of Movember for the past two years, reflected how far the Movember Foundation has come. “This is our 4th year supporting the Movember Foundation and it has been an exponentially growing campaign since my freshmen year. I am proud to have been a part of it”, says Sayyad, “The support that we have continued to get year after year really hits home and means a lot to our brothers.”

How can you give back to Movember? Right now, the KA’s have a table set up at Hodson so if you are interested in a T-shirt with a cool Movember theme or tickets to go to the Wing Bowl (November 29th), bring any payment and stop by during lunch or dinner! “The Wing Bowl is a very fun event that we host every year in the Egg. The tickets are only $10, but if you buy a shirt also the price is only $25 total!” said Finny. The ticket includes ALL you can eat wings, drinks, and new sides like mac and cheese have been added this year! All the proceeds go towards the Movember Foundation, which is the best part! Due to SGA funding and an increase in sponsors this year from local businesses in town, KA hopes to top their donations from last year by contributing over $4,000 to the foundation! “There is stigma in our society today that has sadly attributed to a lack of talk about these health issues that are taking the lives of thousands of men each year”, explained Sayyad, ”Our goal is to open the floor for discussion through growing our mustaches for the entire month, fundraising for awareness and hosting an event in honor of the campaign.”

If you would like to know more information about the Movember Foundation or would like to donate directly, stop by the KA’s table or check out this link:!



Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Pictured: Ben Healy, Evan Sayyad, Ben Fizer, and Eric Fly

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