Reasons to Be Thankful for Our Veterans

Veteran’s Day, a holiday that is observed every year on November 11th, is a day to honor the brave men and women who have fought and those who are currently fighting for our country. It is a day to honor the living and those who we have lost. With Veteran’s Day rapidly approaching, here are five reasons why we should be thankful for our veterans every day.

  1. They volunteer to serve.

Most Americans will never step foot into a combat zone, willingly putting their lives on the line. These Americans, however, felt a calling – and they choose to dedicate their lives to their country, their fellow citizens, and, ultimately, something much bigger than themselves.

2. They leave home behind.

Veterans are people just like us. They are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, children and parents, wives and husbands. They choose to leave the comforts of home and everyone that they know, behind in order to serve.

3. They carry the scars of war.

A number of these scars are physical. Thousands of US military veterans have suffered burns, amputations, and limb loss. There are scars that go far beyond the battlefield, however, and these are the mental health effects of serving – a countless number of veterans suffer from PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

4. They serve no matter the cost.

Veterans have no control over their living conditions, where they are sent, or how long they’re deployed for. They choose to endure all of that in order to defend our freedom.

5. They represent our country.

In choosing to serve and leave their families behind, they know that they could make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Some members of the military never make it back home, which is why we shouldn’t just honor the strong, brave, and noble men and women who serve on Veteran’s Day, we should honor them every day.


Jessie Ngo

Staff Blogger

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