The Eastern Shore Waterfowl Festival

From November 9th-12th, the small town of Easton will be magically transformed into THE place to be on the Shore for the annual Waterfowl Festival!

As a native from Easton, it is hard for me to contain my excitement during this time of year. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been going to the Waterfowl Festival and celebrated the event almost like a holiday. Mike Menke ’19, a fellow native from Trappe, MD shared what the festival means to him. “The Waterfowl festival is basically a way for members of the eastern shore to celebrate their culture with each other and with people visiting through the food, art, music, clothing, or even duck/goose calling competitions,” he said.

My personal favorite events include Dock Dogs, where dogs compete to see who can jump the farthest, the World Waterfowl Calling competitions, where people across the world compete to be named the “Waterfowl Calling Champion” and just walking downtown to try all the good Eastern Shore food like fried oysters and cream of crab soup.

“When I go to the Festival, I usually bring the whole family, including the dogs, and walk around Easton looking at every vendor and stall,” said Menke, “There’s so much to see and the food is excellent.”

At the Water Festival, there is something for everybody and for all ages to enjoy! Come and enjoy a relaxing day in Easton this weekend and be sure to wear comfortable shoes!


If you would like to look more into the Waterfowl Festival or like to see the schedule, follow this link


Gabby Leach, Staff Blogger

Picture from: Waterfowl Festival Facebook Page

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