Thanksgiving Blessings

As many of you know, Thanksgiving is approaching with rapid speed. As of today there are two weeks until Thanksgiving Break officially begins. As a freshman, I find that this date cannot come quick enough. Being away from home and family, with few visits, has been quite the culture shock. So, personally, this Thanksgiving has extra special meaning for me as I will get to reunite with not just my immediate family, but also with relatives that I have not seen since I first moved in here at WC. And, of course, I am looking forward to the endless amounts of food. Nothing could make me happier than seeing a full plate along with everyone I love. As I know what Thanksgiving means to me, I took the liberty of asking some fellow students what Thanksgiving means to them, especially with the date quickly approaching.

MacKenzie Brady ’21, a Baltimore native, told me that Thanksgiving means “food and family.” She is super excited about going home to her family, friends, and especially a feast! Her food favorite this time of year are canned cranberries. Another freshman who is also a Maryland native, Dominic Delcoco, said that his favorite thing about this holiday is “seeing his family” and of course, his dogs. My last interviewee was Mark Cooley ’21, who is originally from Easton, Pa, but moved to Chestertown this summer. While his family is close by, Mark is still excited to go home and relax. He is especially pumped about “Easton Football baby!” And, of course, he is looking forward to spending time with his new puppy.

Regardless of where you’re from everyone can agree that college Thanksgivings are a much-needed family reunion and home-cooked meal (sorry D-Hall!). Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving WC, it’s not long now!


Jacklyn Russo, Staff Blogger

Picture source: The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, the book cover

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