ZTA’s Big Man on Campus 2017

On October 27th after amazing interviews and performances from ten young men, all competing for the title of Big Man on Campus, the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha named David Pitts as this year’s lucky winner. David, who’s a junior here at WAC, shared his excitement over his new title, “I was ecstatic to win, but it honestly, it made me happier knowing the money we raised was going to breast cancer awareness. To me, it means that I have an even bigger reason to come out next year and promote the event, raise more money and awareness, and help more people to have a great time.”

Other winners during the evening included: Sexiest Leg, won by George Roros; Best Dressed, won by Drew Berry; Best Act, won by Jack Gribble; and Mr. Think Pink, won by Alex Kincaid. ZTA’s philanthropy chairs, Anne Harra and Sophie Polovoy, discussed the night “We’re really proud of how the guys worked together and wanted it to be such a good show. We’re also proud of how our sisters really stepped up to create such a great event.” Richie Torres, who was Big Man on Campus in 2016, said how being a part of the Big Man event for the past two years has impacted him, “I’m still learning to step out my comfort zone. Despite being quite extroverted and personable, it could make anyone nervous to dance on stage in a leotard in front of the school. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I had amazing time and it’ll be an experience I will never forget.” All the proceeds from ZTA’s Big Man event and Pink Out week will be going towards Breast Cancer education and awareness.


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Picture by: Sophie Polovoy

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