Zeta Tau Alpha’s Pink Out Week

October 21st : Soccer Game Tailgate starting at 7:00pm at the Kirby Stadium

October 22nd: Pink Fest Barbeque from 11:00-2:00pm at the President Lawn

October 25th: Zumba with the ZTAs from 5:30-6:15 at the JFC Dance studio

October 27th: Big Man on Campus starting at 8:00pm at Decker Theatre

Starting Saturday the 21st, the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha are starting their Pink Out Week to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Education! 1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer within her lifetime, but thanks to the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation, the ZTAs are taking the steps to spread awareness while supporting breast cancer education until they can diminish the disease. ZTAs philanthropy chairs, Anne Harra and Sophie Polovoy, discussed the importance of Pink Out Week to their chapter, “Pinking Out means more than just decorating the campus in pink ribbons. It means raising awareness around breast cancer so we can change the statistics of it in the future. It means recognizing every woman who has had (or is currently fighting) breast cancer. We want to bring people together who have been affected by breast cancer while having fun during our different events.” Anne discussed how one of their goals this year was to have even more campus-wide involvement, “Being an older member, I can really see more chapter involvement and I’m really happy about that, but we want as many people as possible to at least give thought to breast cancer education!” The Pink Out Week is going to conclude with ZTAs big event, Big Man on Campus, where ten guys from different fraternities and clubs on campus perform and compete for the title of Big Man. “I remember going to Big Man last year when my RA, Zee, was performing” said Sophie, “I loved all the energy and funny performances but I really loved knowing that the money being raised was going to be given back to such a good cause.” If you want to learn more about Zeta Tau Alpha’s philanthropy, click on the link below: https://zetataualpha.org/foundation/philanthropy


Gabby Leach

Staff Blogger

Picture by: Anne Harra


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