An Ode to Joe Jonas

An ode to Joe Jonas: He was the love of my pre-teen life. I knew I was in trouble from the moment I heard his angel voice, and ever since then he resided in my hopes and dreams. Countless hours were spent watching Jonas Brothers music videos specifically to pick him out of the group. My heart absolutely soared when he flipped his hair. I would’ve paid good money just to be in the same room as him and his killer hair. And it felt like I was when the Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience came out in 3D on tv sets across America. I specifically remember getting the 3D glasses from Tiger Beat and watching the premiere with my cousins. Around the same time our teen hearts began to beat faster as Disney started the Jonas and Jonas L.A. series. Of course, the show showcased Nick and Kevin as well, but it was just plain silly to act like Joe wasn’t the real star. Similar to how he was a star in both Camp Rock 1 and 2 as Shane, with his bad boy, rock star hair and dreamy eyes. He never failed to impress me and will NEVER let me down.

During the short time that he seemed to have disappeared from the world, he only got stronger and more powerful. DNCE will now rule the world and Joe Jonas is back to breaking hearts and taking names. But unfortunately, somebody else will be taking his last name. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, MY man got engaged this past week to his girlfriend of 1 year, Sophie Turner. I think my years of teenage love should beat out a 1-year relationship but I guess it’ll be fine and I wish Joe Jonas the absolute best!


Jacklyn Russo

Staff blogger

Photo source:–promosho.jpg

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