Taking Those Super Cool Spring Classes

Spring registration is right around the corner for all students. The Registrar’s Office has sent out the spring schedule for the 2018 spring semester and each department has come out with an incredible list of classes.

Camo the cat (see cover photo) was in Acting 1 and had a blast. He got to learn all about the art of theatre, staging, as well as attend all the productions that semester. He highly recommends it to anyone who needs to fulfill their fine arts credit. Finding classes that interest you is also important. Look through each description to see if it’s a right match for you.

Talking to your advisor is also a step in the right direction. They know the faculty better than anyone on campus. Ask them about what classes they feel best fit you or their personal recommendation if you’re taking one of their classes. The Elm’s faculty advisor Melissa McIntire teaches an interesting and thoughtful journalism practicum for those students interested in becoming a journalist.

Be open to new classes, sometimes the classes that you think are of no interest to you are the classes that are the most enjoyable!


Savannah Masterson

Social Media Editor

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