Harry Potter Festival

As many of you know this previous weekend was Chestertown’s 4th Annual Harry Potter Festival. As a freshman from New Jersey, this was the first time I attended the festival, but I didn’t just attend it. Through a little bit of research before-hand I was able to find volunteer forms online. These forms can be found on the festival’s website http://chestertownhpfest.org/, under the tab Volunteer. This process was super easy and allows you to state when you’d be available throughout the festival and what type of jobs you’d be interested in. After communicating with the coordinator, it was established that I would be a wand measurer at Ollivanders Wand Shop. When the day finally rolled around I could not have been more excited to go to “work”. Ollivanders, located at Robert Ortiz Studio on Cross Street, was home to multiple different wand vendors for the day. Fans could come into the shop and got measured for a wand before shopping around for the perfect fit. I had an absolute blast watching the younger fans’ faces light up as they received their measurements.

Asides from the Wand Shop, the festival had a wide variety of other themed events from Friday into Saturday evening. This included 2 different themed parties, a scavenger hunt, Quidditch tournament, a costume party, and multiple classes from the series. The festival is free to attend, but some activities require you to purchase tickets at the door. Whether you’re young or old everyone can find something of interest at this festival and costumes and fan merchandise are welcome regardless of age. Despite it being around 80-degrees, I saw more Harry Potter robes than I can remember on kids from 1 year old through 80 years old. Overall, I will definitely be attending next year and hopefully you will too!

Jacklynn Russo

Staff blogger

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