Queen of the Roses 5K: Another Year, Another Success!

This past Sunday was the 10th Annual Queen of the Roses 5k, where faculty (Shout out to Dr. Scott), students and community members came together to celebrate Jasmine Dora Queen’s memory. All the proceeds from the 5k will go towards a scholarship in Jasmine’s name. I discussed with Grace Peters, the 5k Chair for this event, her perspective on the event’s success, “Overall I’m really happy with the turn out! Almost 200 people came out to support AOII and celebrate Jasmine’s memory. Jasmine’s family and friends were really proud to be a part of the process this year and were so happy to commemorate Jasmine on the 10th anniversary of the 5k. The other fraternities and sororities on campus were super supportive along with a large amount of alumni attending the event.” Even though the 5k may be over, you still have a chance to give back to this great cause! This Thursday and Friday AOII will be partnering with Domino’s where 20% of all proceeds made will go towards the Jasmine Dora Queen Scholarship. All you have to say is AOII Fundraiser when you order at the store or over the phone. The sisters of AOII would like to thank everybody who made this event possible and all the people who came out to commemorate their sister who may be gone but will never be forgotten. If you would like to see any pictures of yourself or the event, check out this link http://www.trisportsevents.com/index.cfm?ref=30200&ref2=385


Gabby Leach

Staff blogger

Cover photo: http://www.trisportsevents.com/index.cfm?ref=30200&ref2=385

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